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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

California Public Schools and Anti-Semitism by a Guy Named Mohammed

A California public school gave their eighth graders an assignment recently. They were to determine through various inputs whether or not the Holocaust actually occurred. Well, shades of Ahmadinejad!

When you hear of useful idiots doing stupid things like this, it makes you wonder whether or not there's an unseen influence involved in this anti-Semitic agenda.

"We are aware of the controversy surrounding the distribution of an eighth grade Writing Prompt during the third quarter of the academic year," stated the press release by the  Rialto Unified School District. The press release was issued by interim Superintendent , Mohammed Islam. He went on to add, "The intent of the writing prompt was to exercise the use of critical thinking skills. There was no offensive intent in the crafting of this assignment. We regret that the prompt was misinterpreted." Allahu Akbar.

Sorry Mohammed Islam, I don't buy the crap you're selling. And anyone who knows anything about Islam (the religion, not the pathetic Interim Superintendent) is fully aware of the anti-Semitic sentiments it holds and displays in it's "holy" scripture.

It isn't only Iran and Palestine who are anti-Semitic; it's Islam itself. One of Islam's favorite anti-Semitic memes is that the Jews are "prophet killers." Islam has used these types of memes to justify their hatred of Jews over the centuries. When the prophet of Islam, Mohammad, tried to get the Jews to join his band of marauders, they refused, and this is where Mo's hatred of Jews began. Then he put it into the scripture, his Koran, which he had a scribe write for him, and when the scribe saw how Mo was making it up as he went along, Mo had him killed.

As Robert Spencer points out: "Because the Jews 'used to kill the Messenger of God, without God's leave, denying their messages and rejecting their prophethood,'" (The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran, Robert Spencer, 2009, p.115).

For more exciting anti-Semitic details, go to the following Suras: 2:61; 2:87; 2:91; 3:21; 3:112; 3:181; 3:183; 4:155; and 5:70. These would make Hitler proud.

So Mohammed Islam didn't make a mistake by using this exercise to put doubts into young minds about the existence of the Holocaust. Islam was just doing his Islamic duty of jihad.

The best way to defend against an enemy is to study him thoroughly. I suggest you read the Koran carefully, in full. Most Muslims don't. The good Muslims are bad Muslims because they don't know those evil parts of the religion. Some who don't know, however, still exhibit some of the same prejudices as those who do because culture has intervened. Culture teaches that Christians and Jews are evil creatures and not to be taken as friends.

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