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Friday, March 21, 2014

Where Weak is Strong and Strong is Weak

President Obama put Vladimir's mind at east yesterday when he assured the Russian president that the United States will not get into an "actual war" with Russia, and said that "What we are going to do is mobilize all of our diplomatic resources to make sure that we've got a strong international coalition that will send a clear message." (Reported by Mediaite, March 20, 2014.) Perhaps he's trying to keep his options open for us to unleash a virtual war, but I don't think that's the case.

Obama believes that sending the military would not be appropriate, nor be in the best interests of Ukraine. What he seems to believe is that harshly worded sentences by us and our European allies is the key to persuading former KGB operative, Putin, to turn tail and give up. What Obama doesn't seem to understand is that even our European allies laugh at our leader.

The best part of the entire Obama presentation on the subject was when he claimed that Putin "acted out of weakness" when he sent troops into Crimea because "he didn't want Ukrainians to make their own decisions about their own future." This like saying that a father is weak for telling his daughter that he doesn't want her going out with a boy he doesn't trust. If that's the case, then Obama must see strength in a father who allows his 11 year old to stay out as long as the kid sees fit, because Dad is strong enough to trust him.

Obama has strength confused with naivety, and weakness confused with using force for one's own gains. Obama is weak so maybe his confusion comes from thinking he is actually strong.

Joey: "Dad, Kevin smacked me in the face for no reason. Then he laughed at me."
Dad: "What did you do when he smacked you?"
Joey: "I punched him in his face and he ran away crying."
Dad: "I think Kevin isn't going to do that again. You did the right thing."

Little boy: "Mr. Obama, that boy hit me in my face and said I was a girl."
Obama: "What did you do when he did that?"
Little boy: "I ran away and then I came to you."
Obama: "You did the right thing. Fighting is never the answer and there's nothing wrong with being called a girl. Some grown men think they're a girl with the body of a man, and some girls think they're a man with the body of a girl. It's all the same."

I believe a conversation like this  is becoming more "normal". How sad.