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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Obama's Warning to Putin, Yadda Yadda Yadda

"President" Obama spoke on the South Lawn this morning. His speech was aimed at Russian president, Putin, and the invasion of Crimea. Obama said that he is "deeply concerned" (as opposed to being not so concerned that he would interrupt his NCAA picks on TV) about the illegal referendum in Crimea and the dangerous threat it imposes.  

So Obama will be imposing even more sanctions on other individuals and even one bank that's involved in this mess if Putin refuses to stand down in Crimea. Obama's executive order gives the U.S. authority to impose these sanctions but he warned that the sanctions could hurt the global economy and Russia's economy, and deep inside, where Obama's deepest concerns lie, he hoped that these measures would not be taken personally by Putin and they could still be sort of friends.

This is the second round of fierce sanctions, as fierce as the cat that held a man at bay recently, and the world awaits Putin's reaction. The first round of sanctions were against 11 individuals who, I am certain, did everything they possibly could to convince Vladimir to do what Barry says, but you know Putin--he's his own KGB kind of guy and went ahead with the invasion anyway, in spite of his fear of Obama's wrath.

Meanwhile, the world holds its collective breath awaiting the outcome of March Madness. Will the President of the United States get his picks right, for a change? Let us hope he doesn't turn out to be an April fool.

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