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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday's Flushings from a News-Stuffed, Addled Brain

Flight MH370 is still missing; Eric Holder still refuses to have a separate committee not made up of Democrats in the DoJ investigation of the IRS targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups; Obama still hawks Obamacare like a desperate insurance salesman who needs to pay his bills; Fast and Furious is still a DoJ mystery; and Benghazi is still unsolved. We still don't know what the Obama administration and Hillary knew, and when did they know it. 

Yes, the preceding was a long sentence, but that seems to be the way things go in this country. There is no end to the corruption, incompetence, and wussified failings of what was once the most powerful country on earth. Everything seems to have gone backwards: Putin's strong-arming of Ukraine is called "weakness" by Obama, but announcing to the world that you're a gay basketball player is what he calls "brave."

We sit on our butts and watch the news. All we hear about is the missing Malaysia jet-liner. Everyone has a theory. Nobody knows the truth yet.

We allow Michelle Obama to vacation in China on our tax money--she paid nothing into the trip for her and the girls--and she will not have any news interviews. She values her privacy and our money.

We know how important the situation in Ukraine is--at least anyone with a brain knows it's major and will influence the future--and our president shows his take on the situation by showing his take on "March Madness." Obama is just too damn cool to be effective as POTUS. He has become an insurance salesman and he isn't even good at that.

We become frustrated with the disregard most politicians have for the "little guy," and we complain on Twitter and in other social media about what's wrong with our leaders. But five years have gone by and all we have is our list of complaints. Nothing of substance gets done; nothing changes.

We aren't stupid yet we're treated as if we are, and still, all we seem to do is complain. Maybe we need to do something more.

Obamacare is socialism and that should scare anyone with the knowledge of how it has failed in the world and how it has killed so many. But we need to do more than simply complain.