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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday News Flushings of the Week

I am having difficulty focusing today. Excuse any errors you might find in my blog.

The Obamacare deadline is tomorrow. At this time, 6 million people have signed up for coverage, 745 have paid for their coverage, and 5,999,255 have yet to pay. Of those who are not paid up for coverage, 5,678,666 people had first lost their coverage and needed to get covered with Obamacare. Of the 5,678,666 who lost their coverage, signed onto Obamacare, and now are being counted, 4 of them have paid in full, 5,787,543 are over the age of 40 and of those, over half have serious health issues. Thus, of all those who allegedly signed up and are considered a member of the "invincibles," there are 46 who meet the criteria. Therefore, Obamacare is a total success if you're a liberal. Finally, it is projected that there will be a surge of over 56 million people checking that little box to get a postponement for the immediate future.

MH 370 is still missing. The latest debris was not from the plane but is believed to be the debris from the Benghazi wreckage, which was discarded by Libyan litterbug Muslims. CNN's Anderson Cooper, plans to swim out to new debris found in the Indian Ocean, while Fox's Geraldo Rivera plans to do the same and has challenged Cooper to a race to the debris.
"A Muslim walks into a bar . . . "

Obama, in a hard-hitting interview with Chris Matthews of MSNBC, has called Pope Francis a "damn liar," in regard to the privat conversation they had. Obama claims that the holy Pontiff said that he's doing a "spot-on" job as president, while  the Pontiff claims that he said no such thing, but tried to discuss how Catholics are being forced to go against their religious beliefs by paying for birth control and abortion procedures. Matthews ended the interview by saying, "Thank you for bringing this evil pope's shameful lie to the light of day, Mr. President. I love you, man." 

In what can only be viewed as an hypocritical  historical move, Obama now wants his signature debacle to cover Cialis, Viagra, abortions and all birth control measures. So now men can have all the fun they want, and women don't have to be saddled with another little person in their life. Regarding abortion, Ronald Reagan observed that people who were in favor of it, have already been born.