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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Not Cool in Death

Jamie Baker, 44, of Smyrna, Delaware, was arrested on Thursday, charged with murder in the first degree. According to state police, she admitted to adding antifreeze to her husband's steroid injections. 
Sad she got caught

James Baker, 42, died in September and an autopsy revealed he had antifreeze in his system; his death was then ruled a homicide by poisoning. 

James had ordered steroids over the Internet and an investigation turned up syringes and the liquid steroids in his home. But this past Thursday when the police searched his home again, Jamie told them that she had used a hypodermic syringe to extract antifreeze from its container and then into her husband's steroids.

Jamie said that she killed him this way because he refused to buy her a decent winter coat and the irony would be worth it.   Just kidding. 

It's amazing how cruel people can be to those we have once told "I love you."