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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rev. Fred Phelps Sr., They Came to Take Him Away

"Rev." Fred Phelps Sr., Kansas pastor and founder of an anti-gay, anti-military funeral church is sick. He is also ill and in a health care facility, says Steve Drain, spokesman for the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas. Phelps, he said, is "having some health problems," but made no mention if these problems were psychiatric in nature. I suspect his ego maniacal thinking (that he speaks for God),  has finally caught up to him.

The "As-Reverend-as-Al-Sharpton-is-Reverend" Phelps, founded the Kansas church widely known for its unfeeling, uncaring, heartless protests at military funerals. Phelps is also what some might call "homophobic," but I prefer to label him "latent." 

Drain said Sunday that Phelps is at a Shawnee County facility but refused to mention the name of the place due to threats from the Lord and those who believe that "Reverends," whose congregation hold signs saying: "Thank God for 9/11," and "Thank God for Dead Soldiers," at military funerals, should have their pseudo-religious ass kicked by those who believe that such sentiments deserve a good kicking.

Phelps believes that the deaths of soldiers is punishment for American immorality and our tolerance of homosexuality. I believe we should refer to him as "Imam Phelps." He's on the same page of the Koran, and so are the intolerant cretins who support him and his hateful beliefs.

Hopefully, his time in whatever institution he's in, will give him pause to realize how twisted, evil and sick his thinking is. But I doubt it. This guy is one sick puppy and sadly, he has followers who believe this crap. They rarely see the error of their ways because their self-righteous indignation gets in their way.

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