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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Should Brooklyn Secede from the USA?

It's nearly official. The Crimea is voting to secede`from Ukraine and join Russia. If this happens, you can be certain that Obama is going to do everything he can to play another round of golf.Vladimir Putin, Obama's Russian counterpart, is the counterpart with balls. Obama's are for golf only.

If secession becomes a trend, I can imagine other geographical locales joining in on the secession game.

What if New York State tries to secede from the USA and become Canadian? New York shares one of the seven wonders of the world with the land of "Eh," Niagara Falls, and we speak the same language as Canada, for the most part. I can see the logic.

Brooklyn could be the capital of the state. With Coney Island, home of Nathan's Famous hot dogs and annual hot dog eating contest, there is a veritable gold mine for Canada,  not to mention the tic-tac-toe-playing chicken that never loses.

But wait!

What if Brooklyn secedes from the USA without taking along the rest of the state? Brooklyn could charge a toll for the Brooklyn Bridge so when anyone wants to visit Canada's Brooklyn via Manhattan, Canada could make a few Loonies and split with the USA. The same could be done with the Verrazano Narrows Bridge when Americans choose to visit Brooklyn via Staten Island. 

Canada is already a step ahead of Obama with socialized medicine, so while Brooklyn's taxes go higher, the one party-payer system is in place and if Brooklyn likes their doctor, they're just as screwed as people in Manhattan liking their doctor.

The best part for Brooklynites is they get rid of Chuck-Jet-Intake-Nostrils-Schumer as their Senator. And comrade Bill Di Blasio will not be able to dictate to Brooklyn Canadians, so if parents want their kids to go to Canadian charter schools, they can

The basketball rivalry will go from a borough rivalry to an international rivalry as the New York Knicks will play Canada's Brooklyn Nets. 

So how willing would Obama be to allow Canada to intervene on Brooklyn's behalf in their effort to become Canadian? Even if Brooklyn voted to secede from the USA, Obama would be livid about the insult to our sovereignty this move would be. Why is it different for Crimea and Ukraine?

The truth is, it isn't.