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Monday, March 24, 2014

Karzai Backs Russia Over West in Annexation of Crimea

Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, has once again dissed the West and kicked in with Syria and Venezuela to back Putin's annexation of Crimea. He said in a statement released by his office, that Afghanistan "respects the free will of the people of Crimea to decide about their own future." Or have Putin decide it for you, he might have added.

It appears that even Karzai sees how weak Obama has been in foreign affairs. To put sanctions on about 18 rich Russians is not something Vladimir Putin worries about. In fact, he made a joke of it by putting sanctions on a few American politicians, like John McCain, who himself joked that he wasn't going to be able to visit Siberia anytime soon. That's about as funny as McCain gets.

I bet Karzai is going to turn to Russia for aid once we stop handing out cash for a clunker society. This may be more a matter of self-preservation on Karzai's part, but it doesn't help our standing in the Middle East or the rest of the world.

So far, Karzai hasn't signed a security agreement to provide a small U.S. troop force to remain behind after Obama has us retreat out of Afghanistan. 

Karzai is ready to leave office and in his final address to his parliament in early March, he informed us that we can leave by the end of the year because his military can do the job--they are already protecting over 90 percent of Afghanistan.

The 10 candidates in the hunt for the presidency in early April have said they would sign the security agreement and get their cut of the monetary assistance we send without strings attached but Karzai knows his butt will be in a sling with the Taliban if he doesn't kiss up to them, and also befriend Putin in case the former doesn't work.