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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cool Hand Barry O

When I was a kid, "cool" described a person who could get things done based on his or her ability and finesse. The cool person was the one who was looked up to by his group. The effort at being cool was invisible, which was what made it cool in the first place. A cool person had more confidence than Putin has with Ukraine.

Today, however, "cool" is defined by how you dress, who you know, what music you listen to, and how you speak. It has nothing to do with your ability. Sometimes it even has more to do with the ability of the people you hang out with, like Jay Z, for example, than it does with your own accomplishments.

When we go shopping, we tend to buy from a salesperson we like. Unfortunately, the same can be said about when we go president-electing: we vote for the person we think is likeable or cool; at least liberals do. It has little to do with the person's beliefs, but the way they feel about the guy. Liberals tend to act as if feelings are facts, and when they're not attacking you personally when you try to debate with them, their arguments are based on feelings. It's when you give them facts that they go all ad hominem on you and get all vulgar and red-faced.

Obama comes off as cool. He has a winning, confident smile, hangs out with cool celebrities, and has become a TV personality, which is even more impressive, in his mind, than being an effective president. And let's admit it; he's likeable when he appears on Ellen Degeneres or The View, and his hosts love him--literally. They ask him tough, focused questions and he courageously answers them candidly, then flashes that signature smile. "Yes, Ellen, I do encourage Sasha to bathe every night before bedtime."

President Obama is very cool when he's with admirers, who consist of low-information liberals, high liberals, high low-information liberals, illegal aliens, wind and solar power-producing companies that fail even with tax-payer bailouts, and The View.

The "new cool" sees power as weakness, like the way Obama defined Putin's Crimea grab. Weakness is seen as power, like the restraint Obama showed with Russia's invasion of Crimea. This is how cool liberals operate. It's all about the words, not the facts. Think "workplace violence" with a hearty 'Allahu Akbar' thrown in--that's an example of bending the truth to suit your needs.

Obama needs the American public to see him as cool. We can forgive him for his lack of accomplishments as president. We can forgive his disregard for law and our Constitution. We can forgive him for his clearly-stated lie about Obamacare--c'mon, you know he didn't really mean you could keep your doctor, period--he was only playin' with you. 

If we didn't see him as cool, we would see him as impeached.

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