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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The UK and Burning the Unborn

At least 15,500 unborn babies were burned along with the hospital trash and, in some instances, used to heat several UK hospitals, a recent investigation uncovered. The parents of those children who died from pregnancy complications were told their unborn child was cremated, instead of used as heating fuel.

Parents in the UK who lose a child due to complications are treated with as much compassion as a spider has to a fly, and the parents have no say in what happens to the body of their child.

The health minister, Dr. Dan Poulter, called the practice of burning dead fetuses, "totally unacceptable." That's so good to hear, isn't it?

A Cambridge hospital, Addenbrooke's, burned 797 babies to heat the facility, and no surprise, told the mothers that the remains of their child was cremated. (Incinerated vs. cremated; what's the big deal?)

Ipswich Hospital, a privately operated institution, burned 1,101 babies between 2011 and 2013. Hitler would have been proud and is probably smiling in his bunker as I write this.

Anyway, since the details of this horror have seen the light of day, the NHS Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh, wrote a snappy letter to the trustees of the NHS telling them this practice must immediately stop.

Lucky for Merry Olde England that summer is coming.

That human life can be reduced to the category of trash, best used as heating fuel, speaks volumes about how many "pro-choice" people view the unborn. Like Obama said, when babies are unplanned, they are "punishment[s]" and he doesn't want to have his daughters punished with one of those things. Note two things: 1. the baby doesn't get to choose; 2. as Ronald Regan said, people who support abortion have already been born.

The reason liberals fight to keep pregnant mothers, who are considering abortion, from seeing their child in the womb is because if they did, they would never go through with killing him or her. 

And the thing I fear is that something like this can happen here.