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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Dozen Questions by a Conservative

1. If Starbucks can refuse service to gun owners, why can't a photographer refuse service to people they don't want to serve? What about bakery owners? Starbucks is anti-gun and believes that they have the right to refuse people service, even the police who may be carrying guns and simply want a cup of bitter coffee. 

On the other hand, a Catholic parade, Saint Patrick's, lost the sponsorship of Diageo, the parent company of Guinness and Heineken, and Sam Adams Beer, in New York City and Boston, respectively. The parade organizers refused to make the parade an endorsement for gays advertising their sexuality and the beer companies rescinded their sponsorship. Gay banners announcing sexual orientation have nothing to do with the parade.

2. Why do people who attack God, symbols of religion, and Christianity more specifically, fail to attack Islam, and even defend it in some cases? I suspect the answer is simple: our Judeo-Christian practices are peaceful and make for easy targets. Islam, on the other hand, is not so peaceful, especially when even mildly criticized. But maybe I'm misguided. What do you think?

3. How has president Obama's policies made America stronger, safer, and respected by the world community?

4. Why is there no outcry from women's organizations like NOW, against the treatment of women in Islamic countries?

5. Why hasn't gay or lesbian groups like GLAAD spoken out against the treatment of gays in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim nations? They complain like hell when we refuse them the chance to march in our straight parades, but maybe if we did the same thing they do in Iran, hang them from public scaffolding for their crime against Allah, they'd sing a different tune. Maybe a show tune.

6. Why do liberals say the discussion is over about climate change? And why did they change the term to "global warming?" All of the facts are not in, and much of what we know is only theory.

7. Why hasn't congress done anything of substance to Hillary, Holder, and Lerner?

8. Why isn't there a real outcry, a livid response, about the fact that a number of people of the Muslim Brotherhood have visited our White House and met with Obama and nothing was revealed about the substance?

9. Why don't conservatives boycott companies that espouse anti-American and/or anti-Constitutional sentiments?

10.Why do we allow politicians to skirt around the issues and refuse to answer questions?

11. Why do liberals think that blacks should only vote the way they would like blacks to vote? Do they believe that blacks should not have free will?

12. Has Jay Carney ever told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? What about his boss?