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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Useless News I Refuse to Use

There are so many theories about Malaysia flight MH370 that, after 11 days, most people who have followed the mystery are as clear about what happened as they were when it was first reported. There's nothing really new to report, but report and report they do. It's like a sports prognosticator predicting who will win the game. They're guessing about something that hasn't happened yet, and it doesn't really matter until it happens.

I enjoy Fox News because I'm a conservative, but it's getting to a point where I have to switch to the Food Network and watch people cook just to see something new. Also, I've been looking at Sun News Network in Canada, and have to admit that it's doing a better job than Fox in its reportage of American news. I understand that Obama imposed sanctions on Russia but his Russian detractors are calling him something akin to "pussy." And Kerry made certain to assure Putin that he need not take us seriously by making certain that Putin didn't think we were attacking him personally. Kerry also congratulated the Russians on putting on a great Para Olympics.

As I write this, I've just learned that one and possibly two Ukrainian soldiers were killed in Ukraine. It's getting dicey and Obama is doing nothing more than being an insurance salesman for Obamacare. Finally, news that isn't about a missing plane that was likely stolen by people who would do us harm. Oops--they're talking about the missing plane again. Now they're saying it could have flown 7 or 8 hours beyond the point at which communication was lost. The number keeps going up--it was originally 4 hours.

Nothing changes and everything changes.