Sunday, June 10, 2018

Parkland self-declared gun control experts: 'If you don't support us, it'll look like you're going against kids'

Gun control 'expert' Emma Gonzales 
I suspect George Soros is funding the Parkland kids who on Monday are expected to announce plans for a 20-state summer bus tour hawking anti-Second Amendment garbage and acting as if victimhood makes them experts on this issue.

For a teenager, this kind of stuff is way cool. They get to pontificate and tell grownups what they must do. If the grownups for whatever reason refuse to obey their directives, well that just means that it'll look like they're going against kids.

What bull crap!

And more than that, what bullying!

David Hogg [what an appropriate name] and Emma González will be the stars of the March for Our Lives: Road to Change gun-control protest on their 75-stop tour. These kids will meet with victims and survivors of shootings [except for those survivors who favor self-protection measures acknowledged under the Second Amendment] and focus on even more gun control legislation that thus far hasn't been properly followed by law enforcement.

These kids will also register fellow youths to vote, hopefully only on only one issue.

Hogg, 18, promoted his bus tour saying, "I'm glad I'm getting my diploma and not my death certificate."
Sieg Hogg
Actually, he would not be the one to get his death certificate--that would be his parents, but it's a nice emotional line that should get people to vote with their hearts, not with the facts.

Fellow child opportunist and Parkland anti-gun activist Emma González will be with Hogg on the bus tour [whose sponsor is remaining in the shadows] and had the temerity to say, "If you don't support this . . . it'll look like you're going against kids."

Obviously this isn't true.

If you don't support anti-Second Amendment rights it merely means you're pro-Second Amendment and a free-thinker who sees the problem not in the existence of guns, but in those who would use them for evil--much like those who use knives and trucks for the same purpose. Trying to make pro-Second Amendment people feel guilty, and manipulate other misinformed people about how guns are guilty of crime, isn't going fool very many people whose brains are intact.

Let's face it, this tour is well-organized and has leftist money behind it. The kickoff is set for June 15 in Chicago, home of the illegal handgun and Barack Obama [unless you believe he was born in Kenya].  The tour will make 50 additional stops across the country while a "simultaneous" Florida tour will make 25 stops in that state.

In a March for Our Lives news release, they said the student gun-control self-proclaimed policy experts are calling for "universal, comprehensive background checks [not counting the background checks that weren't followed up by law enforcement in the Parkland shooting and others where the warning signs were there]; creating a searchable database for gun owners [in case the government wants to confiscate their weapons like what happened in Nazi Germany];
funding the Centers for Disease Control to research gun violence [because these kids feel that gun violence is a disease that can be cured with the proper drugs];" and "banning high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic assault rifles," [proving they don't know what a semi-automatic weapon is, nor how lawless people don't give a crap about what size magazine they're allowed to have as they commit acts of violence].

These kids are obviously looking for their 15 minutes of fame and some money under the table. I hope people are smart enough to see through their gun smoke screen.

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