Saturday, June 9, 2018

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace asks if Melania and Ivanka are 'dead inside' or 'paid off'

I wonder if MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace is just an angry leftist or simply being paid off to say the nonsense she spouts and doesn't believe one word of her bile..

On Thursday Wallace [possibly the illegitimate granddaughter of  the late Gov. George Wallace (D-AL)] made a disgusting comment about first lady Melania Trump and first daughter Ivanka, asking of they're "dead inside" or simply being "paid off."

Wallace admits that she gets paid off for making off-putting statements about women who have a different political philosophy or even if they don't, their family member does. She calls herself a "leftimist" which is her term for a leftist-only feminist. That is, conservative women can go to hell as far as she's concerned.

Wallace has a show on MSNBC called "Deadline: White House." It's dedicated to discrediting everything President Trump says or accomplishes, or anything the GOP says or does, and it provides succor to the Russian propaganda machine.

On her show, she ponders how women close to Trump cope with ongoing allegations surrounding porn star Stormy Daniels, who claims to have had a one-time sexual encounter with Donald Trump in 2006 while Melania was pregnant with Barron.

Trump denies the allegations but Wallace is being paid off to believe Daniels, who she has since become good friends and is learning a few tricks from "the Stormster."

"You can learn a lot from a porn star," Wallace said. "I know I did."

Speaking of Ivanka and Melania, Wallace said, "Are they just the most stoic human beings, are they numb, are they dead inside, are they paid off, I mean, what's their deal?" the MSNBC propagandist said.

Political pundit Britt McHenry told Fox News that feminists and liberal women champion women's rights, unless the women disagree with their politics.

"This is yet another example," he said. "Ivanka and Melania can't win with the media--if they show too much emotion, they're not taking the White House seriously enough. If they don't show much emotion, apparently now they're stoic and cold."

But when Nicolle Wallace reports on Trump supporters, she cannot suck enough.

Independent Women's Forum senior editor Charlotte Hays asked sarcastically, "Does Ivanka Trump, who had a successful business career before joining her father's administration, strike you as 'dead inside?'"

Hays went on: "What about Melania Trump, who valiantly rises about it all, even when the media pursues her with baseless tales of domestic abuse, because she had had the nerve to withdraw from the public eye long enough to recuperate from [4 hour] kidney surgery? Is there any evidence that our gracious first lady is 'dead inside?'"

Wallace had been a member of that clown car known as "The View," but was axed as a full-time member because she tended to be insufficiently shrill and Kardashian retarded.

"Perhaps, someone doesn't like the Trump family, but it's becoming easy for people to pick sides that the media has drawn when outlets like that continue to be unnecessarily salacious and cruel," McHenry said.

The wonderful thing to take away from all the anti-Trump venom and lies is just how angry and depressed the left still is since beating Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

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