Monday, June 11, 2018

'Libocrites' attack Trump for freeing elderly black woman

If President Trump is a racist and hates minorities, why did he commute the sentence of an elderly black woman who was serving a life term in federal prison?

If liberals [aka libocrites] advocate for minorities, why are they attacking Trump for freeing the woman?

Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, 63, an African-American woman, on Wednesday. She was sentenced for a non-violent drug crime.

If liberals are so liberal that they have made drug legalization and criminal justice reform as two of their main issues [aside from impeaching trump] then why aren't they jumping for joy after the commutation?

Instead of celebrating her release after serving 21 years in prison, the libocrites had to find a way to slam Trump.

The freak show known as "The View" led the charge with host Joy Behar claiming the reason Trump freed Johnson was to boost his Twitter following.

You'd think after the first million followers, the rest don't make all that much difference.

Behar mentioned that Trump met with Kim Kardashian West before making the decision to commute Johnson's sentence. So Behar decided that Kim's fame, not the extreme sentence for a non-violent crime by an elderly woman, was the real reason Trump had her released.

"Kim also has 112 million followers on Instagram and 60 million on Twitter. So, you know, if he is thinking of running again, he's got that nice little constituency over there, so that is not a coincidence. ... He has motives," the idiot said.

Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu told CNN that the criteria by which people are pardoned "shouldn't be based on which celebrities have access to the president."

Who does Kim Kardashian West think she is--George Clooney? Beyoncé Knowles? Oprah Winfrey? Will Smith? Eva Longoria?

Seriously, no matter what Trump does, the left is going to find a way to condemn it. But people are getting wise to this habit and this is why he will win a second term.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has gotten so bad that liberals are now defending MS-13 horrible murderers and rapists, and side with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, because they oppose Trump.

Bill Maher wants the country to go into a recession and suffer severe job loss, just to discredit Trump.

That is really sick folks . . . and libocritical

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