Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Theologean tax expert Rosie O'Donnell says Ryan will go to hell

Theological tax expert and failed comedian, Rosie O'Donnell says that House Speaker Paul Ryan pretends to be a Catholic alter boy, but she has word from above that he's going straight to hell when he dies after helping draft a tax reform bill that will save 80 percent of Americans money on their taxes.

Using a signature Trump ploy, the plump O'Donnell went to Twitter to tweet her religious/political beliefs.
"paul ryan--don't talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation--you will go straight to hell."
Then she added:
"U screwed up fake alter boy."
She obviously forgot a comma after 'fake' but she only claims to be an expert on taxes and religion. She finished up her Christmas cheer with the hashtag: "#JUDASmuch" referring to Judah, who betrayed Jesus.

O'Donnell has thus far gotten away with attempting to bribe two senators $2 million each to vote against the tax bill. Instead of taking her sage advice, Senators Jeff Flake and Susan Collins voted for the tax bill which will save many people much money. 

Charges against the O'Donnell have not as yet been filed, but she will probably not be charged due to her sexual orientation, which somehow makes her a victim and free to do and say whatever she desires.

What appeared to set off the angry lesbian was a Christmas video message posted by Ryan honoring the birth of Jesus. 

A representative for the House Speaker responded to O'Donnell's characteristically livid tirade simply by saying, "We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!"

Perhaps it was the Trump-like exclamation point at the end of the sentence that got Rosie's goat, but got her goat it did.

Rosie has also gone after conservative commentator Ben Shapiro over the same GOP tax reform plan that flipped her out with Paul Ryan. 

She made an obscene sexual remark to Shapiro: "Suck my d**k, Ben," and also tweeted, "Lick me." 

Shapiro reported the harassment to Twitter as a test to see if they would take action against a liberal crap weasel, but they predictably did nothing and initially declined to delete the tweet, then later did.

Just to clear the record, Rosie is not a transgender guy pretending to be an obese woman. She is actually a female and does not have a d**k nor much of a brain, it seems. 

She ended up blocking Ben Shapiro because she isn't in the same league as he is and cannot possible go toe-to-toe in an actual political discussion.

However, she apparently knows if Ben is going to heaven or hell--she just isn't saying.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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