Monday, December 25, 2017

Roseann Barr slams Lorde for being a 'bigot' over BDS pressure

Roseann Barr once sang the Star Spangled Banner on national TV and butchered it so badly, I thought she was doing it on purpose and being disrespectful. I was wrong--her voice is simply horrible.

Barr took to Twitter to blast a woman who uses the name Lorde in vain, or uses it because it's her name, but I doubt it. Lorde is a singer and she cancelled a performance in Israel for next summer because she doesn't have the intelligence or courage to stand up to anti-Israel, anti-Semitic BDS scumquats.

Lorde (whose real name is probably something like "Lucy Hitler") is from New Zealand, and said in a statement that "the right decision at this time" was to cancel her June 2018 concert in Tel Aviv.

Barr tweeted:
"Boycott this bigot. Lorde caves to BDS pressure, cancels Israel concert."
The singer's announcement came after the anti-Semites of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement put pressure on her to cancel. It has something to do with Israel's fictional human rights record over its alleged treatment of the poor, poor Palestinians whose actual human rights record is abominable, if you've ever been under attack by Hamassholes as they lob rockets at children's school buses and randomly into Israel.

So-called artists and low-information idiots such as Roger Waters, Lauryn Hill and Elvis Costello are also boycotting Israel. I wonder if any one of them have ever lived there for any length of time to see who the real terrorists are.

And if they really want to boycott Israel, let them give up Israeli products such as those seen on the video (below). I dare them.

One of the cleverest strategies that Islamists use is that of appearing to be the victim while they do the victimizing. Even the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Abbas, denies the Holocaust ever existed. Eisenhower was correct when he ordered his war photographer to take plenty of photos because one day someone is going to deny this happened."

Israeli Cultural Minister Miri Regev said she hopes Lorde would reconsider her decision. "Lorde, I expect you to be a pure heroine, like the title of your first album, a pure culture hero, free of any external-and if I may add, delusional-political considerations," Regev said in a statement.

The Israeli concert promoter said after the cancellation, "We forgive her."

Meanwhile, leftists are adding to the global warming problem as they continue to burn American and Israeli flags.

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