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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Jordan king in West Bank seen as message to Israel

Ramallah -- Jordan's King Abdullah II flew by helicopter to the West Bank on Monday--a rare occurrence--as a signal to Israel that he's standing with the Palestinians on key issues, particularly on their shared anti-Semitism as per the Koran, the so-called Islamic 'holy scripture'.

The meeting lasted about two hours after Abdullah was greeted with full red-carpet treatment.

Abdullah and Abbas discussed the recent kerfuffle with Israel over the Muslim-administered shrine, including confronting alleged Israeli attempts at increasing its role there, said Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki.

"This evaluation is very important for us to prepare for the coming stage we expect from Israel and from [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu personally," he said.

Israel denies the allegations by Muslims that it was attempting to encroach on their rights at the holy site, which is also the holiest site of the Jews. 

If you look at both religions, it's Judaism that's accepting of other religions and the right for them to practice those religions openly.  

Islam is significantly more intolerant and has been killing infidels throughout the globe. In Islamic majority countries, new Christian churches aren't allowed to be built and many have been destroyed by extremist Muslims. 

The crisis between Israel and the so-called Palestinians came when Israel installed metal detectors after two Israeli policemen were killed by a Palestinian in mid-July. The Muslims didn't like the idea that they were being monitored--it made it harder to kill Israelis.

Even after Israel removed the metal detectors, Palestinians acted as if they hadn't and continued protesting.

Sadly, many in Israel saw the move as a sign of weakness, and the Palestinians and Arab world saw it as a victory.