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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Haley: NoKo better get ready for those sanctions

Little hands, big mouth
Photo: AP/Wong Maye-E File
Well there they go again--North Korea and another threat to the United States. 

Just a day after they threatened that we'd pay dearly "thousands of times" for pushing more sanctions to cripple the wobbly hermit nation's economy, our U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley, said the U.S. definitely has the iron-clad upper hand.

"It was a gut-punch to North Korea [not intending to call attention to Kim Jong Un's big gut], to let them know the international community is tired of it and we're going to start fighting back," she told Dana Perino Monday on "The Story," referring to the UN sanctions unanimously agreed upon.

"Every dollar of revenue that the North Korean government gets, they're not feeding their people with it. They're using in toward a nuclear weapons system. Going after these sanctions is going after their ability to build these missiles," she said.

The sanctions agreed upon by the U.N. Security Council on Saturday could cost the North Koreans about $1 billion off its $3 billion annual export revenue. The resolution is considered the harshest since NoKo's first nuclear experiment in 2006 and was payback for their testing of two intercontinental ballistic missiles last month. That was the first time North Korea showed a capacity to hit the U.S. mainland.

Haley should be commended for her ability to swing a unanimous vote, and she was also able to apply pressure to China and Russia to join in on the resolution. She's confident that China--North Korea's main trading partner--would fulfill its obligation and ensure the sanctions are upheld.

"Ninety percent of the trade that North Korea has is with China," she said. "So that's why they were so important to this resolution. China stepped up and said, we will follow through on these sanctions. And they encouraged the international community to follow it. When the missile test took off, they felt it in China. And they're disturbed enough to say that they now have to do their part."

Kim Jong Un doubled down on his nuclear ambitions saying "we are not going to run scared from them," referring to the U.S.