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Friday, August 11, 2017

England fears backing Trump against NoKo

Damian 'Yellow' Green
Britain will not get involved if the US and North Korea have a nuclear kerfuffle . . . unless North Korea strikes Britain with a nuclear weapon because they're acting like easy to bully sissy boys.

Damian Green, First Secretary of State, said that it's "obviously" in Britain's interest for the two nations not to go to war, but if they did, we're just going to look the other way, maybe have a scone or crumpet and hope the colonies can handle the crazy despot running that God-forsaken country.

We just don't want to have any problems, he implied.

Mr. Green, Prime Minister Theresa May's 'number two pool boy', urged President Trump to "be sensible" and don't make any trouble. Go through the UN, he urged, before things start becoming a sticky wicket and military action is launched.

One secret source said the UN was all they'd agree to deal with as far as a US military strike was concerned.

He said softly: "The Americans are more than capable of doing what they might want, or have to do, in the region without our help." 

Winston Churchill rolled over three times in his grave.

Earlier in the week, Trump said the US is "locked and loaded" and ready for war concerning the situation with North Korea.

The Brits are praying that Trump doesn't 'unlock' and start shooting.

When asked if it was a good idea for Trump to threaten "fire and fury" on North Korea after Kim Jong Un threatened the US with death, Green whimpered: "I think the sensible way for people to proceed is to work through the UN process, that's what the British Government has been supporting and will continue to support."

The UN is located in New York City which is one of North Korea's 'ground zero' locations with a nuclear weapon. Had it been London, well Green might have turned the color of his name and sang a different tune.

But due to the UN's location and their general impotence to keep the peace, they better start working on something soon.

Jeremy Corbyn said nuclear war would "kill millions," [but if those millions were Israeli Jews, he'd be okay with that].

Corbyn said: "The idea that anyone can kind of contemplate using nuclear weapons at any stage against anybody is unthinkable [except for the Jews, he was thinking in his anti-Semitic little mind]. There is no such thing as an isolated nuclear attack," the socialist said unconvincingly.

Ex-Commander of British Forces Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp and one of the few British government officials who identifies as a man, urged the government to back the United States.

"Failure by the UK to stand by its most important ally strengthens the North Korean dictator and weakens the West."

This new softer, more gentle UK ain't what it used to be.