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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Atlantic gym bans blacks and Muslims

An Atlanta gym owner is catching flak for banning black people and Muslims from working out at his facility.

Jimmy Chambers, the owner of EAV Barbell Club, posted an explicit message in front of his gym outlining the "rules" of his dump, one of them being "no f**k**g Muslims or blacks.

He even put up a controversial sign: "No blacks or Muslims allowed."

Chambers, a lifelong schmuck and anti-Constitution activist made no apologies about putting up the sign.

"It was really just that the vulgarity in that sign, and that seems to bring it out for people," the vulgar jerk told WXIA.

Oh wait--it isn't a ban on blacks and Muslims--it's a ban on police and active members of the military. 

My bad. 

If you really want to read the actual story by Western Journalism, go here.

Either way, the guy's an anal sphincter.