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Sunday, July 9, 2017

WaPo links Scalise shooter to conservative radio host--online outrage ensues

The leftist Washington Post caught a lot of flack on social media over a propaganda article that seems to blame a conservative Illinois 'shock jock' for the shooting rampage by a Trump-hating, Bernie Sanders volunteer that targeted GOP congressmen at a Virginia baseball practice.

The extremely long and bias piece takes aim at Bob Romanik, a foul-mouthed bile spewer on the AM dial in Belleville, Ill., the same hometown as the shooter, James Hodgkinson.

So rather than admitting the guy hated the GOP and everything Trump, the stretched reality. "What's the point of this?" Katherine Miller of Buzz Feed asked on Twitter. "The shooter hated Trump and there's no indication in the story he listened to this pro-Trump host."

Washington Examiner political reporter Byron York tweeted: "Revision of the year: WP suggests, without evidence, Alexandria shooter was inspired by right-wing bigoted radio talker."

"Devoted Bernie supporter shoots up baseball field of Republicans. Washington Post blames pro Trump talk radio in his hometown for it," Heat Street writer Stephen Miller tweeted.

In fact, the article by Peter Holley is so left-wing biased, he said that Hodgkinson "shot foour people at a congressional baseball practice" in Virginia--BUT THEN NEVER IDENTIFIED THE VICTIMS!

The left still is too stupid to get it--they will continue to lose elections if they refuse to stop the fake news.