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Sunday, July 9, 2017

De Blasio skips vigil of slain NYPD cop to take stage in Hamburg

Socialist, Sandinista-loving and failed Mayor of New York City just had to participate in an anti-capitalist riot and fly to Hamburg, Germany, rather than attend the vigil of a NYPD cop who was brutally assassinated in the Bronx.

The leftist mayor pontificated to the  Hamburg mob: "Our right to protest is directly related to the fact that our police protect us. So help me by joining in applause and thanks for the police," he said, but obviously didn't mean the NYPD police--he meant the German police.

"There have also been great acts of bravery and restraint," the idiot said. "Remember, our police are working men and women too [but if they die in the line of duty, you don't need to waste your time by going to their vigil]."

But what de Blasio wasn't aware of is that the brotherhood of police knows no borders and the Hamburg police knew what a scum wafer the toad happens to be. And after two days of disgusting rioting, over 200 Hamburg cops were injured, several quite seriously, by bottle and Molotov cocktail throwing anti-capitalist rioters--you know, de Blasio's kind of people.

Meanwhile, back in the States, an evening vigil for NYPD Officer Miosotis Famila of the 46th Precinct was held there while POS de Blasio was pretending to care about cops.

Officer Familia was 48, a mother of three. She was sitting in a police command vehicle filling out paperwork when a cop-hating parolee shot her in the head. 

Like Mayor de Blasio, the parolee had mental problems.

"It's disgraceful that the mayor is anywhere but at this ceremony right now," a vigil attendee Maria Rinaldi of University Heights told the New York Post

De Blasio gave two leftist speeches Saturday on his all-expenses-paid trip to Hamburg. 

Socialists rarely pay their own way.

De Blasio was accompanied by his 19-year-old son, Dante.

After the riots, de Blasio met with the fake news media where he was asked tough questions like: how much German could he speak; and was Dante and he enjoying their visits.

When a Post reporter asked him a real question about his response to the criticism he received from police, political opponents and New Yorkers for leaving the city just one day after the assassination just to grandstand on a global stage, he refused to take that or any other questions.


"No one in uniform is surprised" said Pat Lynch, president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association about de Blasio's disrespect and scumbaggery.