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Monday, July 17, 2017

Muslim leaders protest bomb detection devices at recent terrorist locationin Israel

Jerusalem, Israel -- "How do you expect us to wage jihad if you're going to check us for metallic objects at Al Aqsa Mosque?" holy leader Adnan Husseini (no relation to Hussein Obama).

Islamic leaders called on fellow Muslims to boycott the Al Aqsa Mosque which lies at the heart of the Israeli-Palestine conflict. The leaders are upset that they're being checked with metal detectors at the entrance gates "just because of a little Arab attack last week that killed a handful of Jews."

Husseini, the Palestinian Minister of Jerusalem, said that arrangements at the Muslim-administered holy site need to go back to normal like they were before last week's attack in which 3 Arab Israelis shot dead 2 police officers before they were killed.

For the first time in decades, Israel closed the site, making it virtually impossible to kill any more Jews at the Temple Mount.

Israel reopened the compound to Muslims on Sunday but imposed realistic security measures, which includes metal (aka bomb and firearm) detectors at the entrance gates as well as additional security cameras.

The Waqf, Jordan's Islamic authority that manages religious affairs at the site, were outraged over the security measures being taken to protect worshipers and the Jews that protect them. 

Dozens of Muslims obnoxiously prayed on the streets near the gate after refusing to enter via the death instruments detectors. Of course, fights broke out between Muslims who were attempting to stop others from using the gates.

Israeli police said that despite tensions, hundreds of worshippers had entered the compound.

The wacky Waqf and other Islamists issued a statement Monday calling on Muslims "to reject and boycott all the Israeli aggression measures, including changing the historical status quo including metal detectors."

Aggression measures? Notice how, like Antifa, this group who actually does the aggressing calls the victims of the aggression the aggressors.

They called on the faithful "not to deal with it at all and not to enter the mosque through it all." That is, Allah can wait as far as they're concerned. The statement added that "if the metal detectors continue to be imposed, we call upon the people to pray in front of the gates of the mosque and in the streets of Jerusalem."

Because they're self-proclaimed victims, which is a great strategy that works well with liberals who always believe the aggressors rather than the victims.

The compound is holy to both Jews and Muslims and has always been a central and emotional issue between Israeli and Palestinian narratives. Even a microscopic change can spark Islamic outrage, like one of the wives reheating leftovers.

Jordan called for its immediate reopening and there were protests in the streets against Israel because there were no sports on TV. 

Israel didn't coordinate the changes with Jordan and anything installed at the site must be approved by the Waqf, or Muslim administration. 

But maybe, just maybe, Israeli Jews don't want to allow anyone to kill them or Muslims praying at the mosque.