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Monday, July 17, 2017

Girl at lemonade stand threatened by liberal who said he'd call cops

San Francisco -- A young girl selling lemonade was threatened by a so-called 'man' who threatened to call police because she didn't have a business license. Turns out the 'man' was merely a douchebag who identifies as a female kitty cat and has a castrating wife who secretly voted five times for Hillary.

"Whoever the man is who threatened to call the police on my daughter for her lemonade stand, you are seriously pathetic," the little girl's dad, Richard LaRouche  said.

"There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things," the father said. "I understand that you were upholding the "law" but really dude?"

Calling this POS a "dude" went far beyond what this moron deserved.

The child just wanted to sell lemonade and cookies and were told by her parents she could do it for an hour. But as she was setting up shop, a 'man' approached her and was really angry with her brazen business plan.

"The man just pulled up next to her and asked for her business license and then told her 'I'm calling the police' and then got on the phone and began speaking as if he was talking to the police," LaRouche said.

What a major wuss.

"She was so scared that she came home crying and sobbing and said she didn't want to go to jail."

The dad posted what happened and encouraged his daughter. They set up a second lemonade stand on their property and she was busy for three hours.

"Ran out of cookies and had just enough lemonade for the last two police officers."

God bless and protect our police.