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Monday, June 5, 2017

Trump not all in for Pride Month

Gender confused, lesbians, homosexuals and bisexual activists are calling out President Trump for not getting involved with them for Pride Month. After all, Barack Obama was very involved every year in June when the LGBTQ community all got together to acknowledge their pride and rights as people of different sexual preferences and confused states of mind.

Maybe President Trump doesn't care about people's sexual preferences.

Perhaps he believes that the issue isn't about being proud of one's sexuality because one's sexual preference or identification isn't an accomplishment, so pride has nothing to do with it.

What makes Caitlyn Jenner brave? Pretending to change your gender isn't brave, it isn't an accomplishment or risk of life and limb. 

Maybe President Trump has more to deal with, such as the recent terrorist attack, North Korea, Russia, Iran and China, than to go marching in a parade with people who probably hate his guts.

At the start of every June, former President Obama would make a gay-centric statement honoring the LGBTQ community and advocating for their rights over the rights of the religious right. 

There is no question that we haven't seen the same kind of pandering by Donald Trump to this minority group in which many apparently believe their civil rights outrank everyone else's.

Not only has Mr. Trump discontinued the tradition of White House Pride Month--events that Obama (who has been suspected of being gay but may possibly be straight) started, he has totally ignored the occasion. 

In fact, his silence has halted the Pride Month initiatives of government agencies that were waiting for the LBGTQ Pride Month Proclamation to be signed, Politico reported.

Ivanka Trump tweeted an acknowledgement of Pride Month, but activists say it isn't enough and is no substitute for her father's acknowledgement. 

"Even if Ivanka Trump tries to save face with LGBTQ Americans, President Trump's negligence at the start of Pride Month provided another example that this administration is no friend to the community," GLAAD's President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis told Refinery29.

The Trump administration has deleted LGBTQ issues from the White House website and Census, gotten rid of Title IX protections for transgender students, and chosen a vice president who has opposed same-sex marriage.

Yep--what of it? That's why Trump was elected. The religious community in this country don't believe in same-sex marriage.

It's quite possible Trump sees transsexual issues as mental health issues and refuses to acknowledge the delusions of men and women who believe that, by undergoing surgery, they can change their assigned gender. If that's the case, it would prove he isn't a 'science denier' and believes in basic biology.

I hope that President Trump deals with the mess he had on his plate when he came into office--I want him to succeed. I hope that he eventually finds the time to recognize the LGBTQ community, but I am personally glad he doesn't see that as an immediate priority.

I also hope he'd stop tweeting so much and clean up his plate.