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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Oops! Dem. Rep. accidentally hands out porn sites to committee members

(Photo: State of R. I. Gen. Assembly)
Providence, R.I. -- A Rhode Island lawmaker, State Rep. Ramon Peres, a Democrat of course, admits that he accidentally gave his colleagues an eyeful when providing them with a handout showing open web browser tabs referencing pornographic content. 

Fellow Democrats quickly rifled through the sites only to be disappointed that no images were available. However, several took note of the addresses before they were recollected when the mistake was noticed.

The printouts were of a Wikipedia article which Perez brought along on Wednesday to hand to House Finance Committee members as part of his testimony favoring a bill.

Initially, Perez gave the document to the clerk who made copies and handed them out. Once the porn sites were discovered, the clerk collected them to the dismay of the committee. Perez provided new handouts the following day.

Perez says the incident was "a mistake." He claimed the handout was given to him "by a friend" whom he'd asked to research the information.

Evidently, the research went deeper than Perez expected.