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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Not Muslim Barack Hussein Obama does Indonesia

Ubud, Indonesia -- Not Muslim Barack Hussein Obama has begun a 10-day pilgrimage/vacation in beautiful Indonesia. The trip will take in Bali and Jakarta, the city where he spent much time attending a madrassa and reading from the Quran.

He and his so-called wife "Michelle" and their alleged two daughters, landed in Bali without ballyhoo, a local military commander said.

"They arrived late last night and went straight to the hotel in Ubud, I Gede Widiyana told the AFP.

The former failed president woke up early and did some "exercises," doing a set of 5-pound curls time three; and a pushup.

It is not known how the so-called family plans to spend their time in the largest Muslim nation in the world, but you can bet it will be like a religious experience for Barack. The also plan to visit the artsy-fartsy Ubud area.

Next week, the "family" is to depart for Yogyakarta and visit the ancient Borobudur temple for two days, then whisk off to Jakarta.

Barack Hussein spent four years in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, as an impressionable lad, going to mosque, reading the holy Islamic scripture, and hearing "the most beautiful sound in the world," the call to prayer at the mosque. 

Many Indonesians felt a bond with Barry and even had a statue made of him in his former madrassa. It's called "Little Barry" and depicts him if 'big boy shorts' and a t-shirt, with a butterfly perched on his hand just as he's about to do something to it.

Indonesia's foreign ministry said the former failed president's visit to the country came after several invitations from President Joko Widodo, for whom their local (now extinct) bird was named.

While in Jakarta, Obama will meet with the president on June 30 and give another of his famous leftist speeches at an Indonesian diaspora convention the following day (which happens to be Canada Day, so Justin Trudeau, Obama's biggest fan besides himself, will not be able to attend).