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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Is there a Comey jackboot about to drop?

A Comey confidante and longtime buddy, Benjamin Wittes, tweeted on Friday, "tick tick tick." Wittes is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and was hinting that a big story regarding Comey's relationship with President Trump was waiting to be told.

Wittes went after Trump after the president constantly referred to the Russia investigation as a "witch hunt" suggesting that a bombshell was about to explode.

This wasn't the first time Wittes warned of a revelation about to happen. He tweeted the same message on May 16.

Just hours later the New York Times broke the story about Comey's memo which said that Trump asked him if he could "let this go." Comey, you may recall, got a case of "the vapors" and swooned at Trump's words, repeating over and over 'Lordy, Lordy.' 

Rumor has it, the former FBI director literally wet his pants after hearing the words of the President.

On May 18, Wittes once again tweeted "tick tick tick." The Times that same day reported that Comey was uncomfortable with Trump's questions over whether he was personally under investigation. In the article, Wittes was quoted: "He had to throw some brushback pitches to the administration."

Then on Thursday, Comey was seen walking into the New York Times building with his relatively short wife. Fox News called it a "sneaky visit," and came on the heels of Trump admitting that he didn't tape his conversations with Comey.

It turns out the Comeys were there to attend a charity event, as reported by The Hill, but could it be that the charity event was to raise money for the American Communist Party?

Alex Jones might think so.