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Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Nawlins July 4th boat parade canceled because Trump won and I can't take it"

The hypocrites on the left attacked Trump before the election regarding his somewhat ambivalent-sounding remark of whether he would accept the results. Now the founder of a popular annual July 4th boat parade in New Orleans has canceled because of the 2016 election results.

"When I think about wearing my flag dress and waving flags; I don't know what it means this year," said Katrina Brees in an interview with The Times Picayune. "There are a lot of questions about our government."

Yes, a lot of questions such as: why must leftists have to accept the results of a national election if they don't agree with who should have won? It isn't fair, I tell you . . . sob, sob.

The July 4th Flotilla paraded around Bayou St. John every year since 2012, but Brees said her "heart is just not in it this year." And her brain never was, apparently.

She also expressed concern about large, rowdy crowds of barfing liberals, garbage they toss hoping somebody's mother will graciously pick up after them, costume remnants such as disturbing severed heads of President Trump, fireworks and boats left behind to be used for "Flex Seal" commercials by Phil Swift.

One feature the parade would have featured was a coronation of royalty in Krewe of Kolossos, a mobile spectacle that transforms trash into art, which can also be said about the Democratic platform.

The truth is, Brees is sick and tired of picking up after the slobs who come to the parade. 

"What do they think this place is, 'Occupy Wall Street'?

But the idea of blaming Trump's win of the presidency is perfect. She knows it's cool and like totally acceptable to hate Trump in her crowd of leftists, and she can spend more time aborting her kids or something.