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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Guess what: Rodman gave Kim "The Art of the Deal"

Former basketball player Dennis Rodman went to North Korea to see his "best friend" Kim Jong Un. The cross-dressing superstar gave the dictator, whose people are eating lawn shavings, an unsigned copy of President Trump's book "The Art of the Deal."

The book was actually handed to Sports Minister Kim Il Guk who bowed as he took it.

Rodman, you may know (I didn't), was on "Celebrity Apprentice" reality TV show for two seasons, or so says the Associated Press. 

This was the show in which Donald Trump used to fire people and this gave the country the inspiration to elect him President of the United States.

Rodman touched down in North Korea on Tuesday. He said that he's "just trying to open a door," and soon discovered that doors open by turning the round thing by the edge that doesn't have those metal things holding the door onto the frame, then pulling or pushing, if pulling doesn't work.

Rodman spoke to reporters before the flight from Beijing before taking off to Pyongyang.

It isn't clear if Rodman got the book as a gift from Mr. Trump and is 're-gifting' it to Kim, or if he purchased a copy.

The basketball legend arrived just hours after North Korea decided to release brain-injured Otto Warmbier, an American student who they apparently beat and tortured.

But lucky for Rodman that Kim's his best friend.