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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Cops attacked-- kill 1, wound 1, in separate incidents

Police had to shoot a woman and a man who tried to run them down and kill them in separate incidents over the weekend in Northern and Southern California.

The shooting on the San Francisco's Bay Bridge closed down the eastbound lanes for hours early Sunday morning.

A multi-car crash was being investigated by the Highway Patrol when a red Cadillac drove toward officers for reasons only known to the person who wanted to kill cops.

"It came up the right shoulder, and they saw it coming at them," California Highway Patrol Officer Vu Williams said. And with a name like 'Vu', you gotta believe him or her. 

Vu went on: "They gave the driver multiple commands to stop, but the driver kept coming. One of the officers felt threatened for his life and fired."

The driver was struck once and he was taken to the hospital. His condition is unknown but hopefully it hurts like hell.

That vehicle also contained two passengers who were unharmed and they were interviewed by investigators.

The woman who was shot and killed had been drinking and had been arguing with her male friend Saturday in Montebello in Los Angeles County.

Cops responded to a disturbance call at a motel parking lot after the woman hit the man and accused him of taking her purse.

The woman got in her car, drove it out of the parking lot, and returned moments later. She drove at a police officer and her male friend, LA County Sheriff's Deputy Kelvin Moody reported.

Moody said the officer opened fire, striking the woman. She was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The woman was not immediately identified but her anger and stupidity lingers on.