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Monday, June 26, 2017

College prof canned after disgusting Warmbier remark

Photo: Screen grab, Fox News
Has the left gone completely crazy with hate? 

A leftist adjunct anthropology professor at the University of Delaware said of Otto Warmbier, the college kid held prisoner for 17 months in North Korea and died soon after returning to the U.S., that he "got what he deserved." 

What dreadful dreck. What uncaring, uninformed disgusting tripe.

Fortunately, Katherine Dettwyler, the crap-merchant who made that comment, will not be returning to teach. Maybe she can find an anthropology position digging up the bones of others killed by North Korea's regime.

"Katherine Dettwyler, who last taught in the spring as an adjunct faculty member, will not be rehired to teach at the University in the future," a University of Delaware statement read.

The heartless twit said on Facebook and in the comments section of an article about young Warmbier on the website of National Review that "Otto Warmbier got exactly what he deserved." The cowardly Dettwyler has since deleted the Facebook message.

It isn't a fact that the young man stole a propaganda poster, as the North Koreans claim. But even if he did, he was a college kid--they do stupid things--that's why they're still growing and maturing. Does a 21-year-old kid deserve to be imprisoned for 15 years and tortured to the point in which he later died, deserve it?

What is wrong with leftists? The compassion they profess to have is a lie. They are nothing but hypocrites.

The compassionless Dettwyler wrote: "He went to North Korea, for f**k's sake, and then acted like a spoiled, naive, arrogant, US college student who had never had to face the consequences of his actions. I see him crying at his sentencing hearing and think 'What did you expect?'"

I don't know--perhaps I'd expect a heavy fine if I stole a poster. Maybe a couple of nights in jail. But Dettwyler acts as if a) he actually stole a poster in the first place; and b) that 15 years for stealing a poster is the normal punishment and he should have known that.

Dettwyler went on to write more crap to make her sound like a caring sympathetic person: "How about a few moments of thought given to all the other people in North Korea who are suffering under the repressive government there? Just because they are North Koreans, and not US citizens, we shouldn't care about them?"

Where does that even come from? Why make an assumption like that? It's a non sequitur. 

I am glad the university decided not to hire her back. She is an abuser of young minds and obviously doesn't seem to care much for young people who make mistakes as they learn from them as they grow.

She really sucks.