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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Angela Merkel: a self-radicalized immigration guru

Self-radicalized immigration guru and German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Mexico and spoke out Saturday against building walls. And who can blame her?

Merkel knew that walls wouldn't keep trouble from her door, so instead, she imported it. She said that constructing borders won't fix immigration problems, and she should know.

"Obviously the main reason for people leaving must be addressed on site first, which means putting up walls and cutting oneself off will not solve the problem," the delusional German leader said in Mexico City where she was told "don't drink the water."

"It's an issue you can study well in the history of China with the (Great) Wall of China, you can study it in the history of the Roman Empire. Essentially, only when great empires have managed to forge sensible relationships with their neighbors and to manage migration has it been a success."

Germany has been inundated with refugees and immigrants whose culture is diametrically opposed to Western civilization. Many towns in Germany have experienced huge spikes in crime, particularly rape, and the German government doesn't seem to do anything and won't talk about it. But they are simply following in step with their leader, who is in complete denial of the problems immigration has caused.

Merkel added that she doesn't believe that "by simply improving the border facilities you can solve the problem."

If you want to see just how well walls work, simply look at Israel and Palestine. There was a time when the Palestinians lobbed Molotov cocktails at the Israelis, or came into town and murdered them. The Jews built a wall and this cut down on crime drastically.

Hopefully, leaders like Merkel, who deny the problems with the Islamization of Europe and other countries, will be voted out by the people. But in order for that to happen, they need to understand how the idea of Islamophobia is simply a way to get us to shut up and look the other way, lest we be labeled a "racist."

But going to Merkel for advice on immigration is like going to a 'meth-head' for advice on dental care.