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Monday, May 1, 2017

Slob bots leave "Climate March" pigsty

(Photo: Heat Street)
Self-proclaimed environmentalists (LOL) from all over the country got together in Washington D.C. for the "People's Climate March." The ostensible purpose for the march was to urge President Trump to invest in policies to fight climate change.

As if generally the case, the leftists who proclaimed their love for the environment and issues involving climate change, did more to screw up the environment and leave their messes for others to clean up. 

I would wager that most of these liberals are just as slovenly at home, where their mommies pick up after them, as they are in the public, where they don't care who picks up after them. 

When they packed up their gear, hypocrites such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Al "Jazeera" Gore and Richard Branson got into their private jets to head off to their next climate change events,  their combined carbon footprints alone exceeded that of Switzerland.

The slobs at the protest left all their garbage behind, including their food containers, plastic bags and ironic protest signs.

One resident was extremely upset by the "giant piles of signs and trash" and others tweeted photos and comments about it.

Oh, the irony.

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