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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ivanka's ski trip costs about $66K in Secret Service costs

(Photo: Getty)
An obviously left wing website, TeenVogue.com , posted an article about Ivanka Trump, in a clear example of how the left censors whatever positive exists within the Trump administration as they churn out anything they can spin into negative press.

The post referred to specifically is titled: "Ivanka Trump's Ski Trip Racks Up Over $66k in Secret Service Costs." It said that the costs Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner (her husband) and their children "racked up over $66k in Secret Service costs, which included $59,654 in hotel expenses and $6,884 for "multi-day ski passes."

Now that's an expensive vacation by any standard, and I believe that all politicians, except perhaps the President and Vice President, should have to pay their own way, and that's particularly true about their family members.

But the problem I have with this piece (I use the term 'piece' to refer to more than one thing) is the failure to consider that Trump has forgone a salary and donated his first quarterly check to the National Parks Department, totaling over $78k. 

Another problem is that while the Trump administration is spending at a faster pace than the previous Obama administration, it's very early in Trump's first term and the comparison is premature.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are certainly not paupers. They can afford to pay some of the expense themselves, but Jared is an official administration employee and Ivanka is the President's daughter, and they along with the kids, are entitled to Secret Service protection. Indeed, given the way the left has been behaving of late, absolutely need protection.

What I find amusing about the left is how they criticize conservative spending when they have a history of hiking taxes and making very poor investment decisions--think Solyndra (google it).

I am not a yuuuuge fan of this kind of spending--I wasn't happy when Michelle Obama and the kids took a separate jets to meet up with Barack Obama for vacation when they actually left the same day. 

But the hypocrisy isn't so much about the amount of unnecessary spending involved in the process of going on vacation, but the fact that the so-called "environmentally-friendly" Obamas did twice the polluting when it wasn't called for.