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Friday, May 12, 2017

President Trump's Gettysburg Address

The following is The Gettysburg Address as given by Donald J. Trump, had he been president in 1863.

"About eighty-seven years ago our fathers came here and started a new country. They thought it should have liberty, lots of liberty, and all folks should be equal to each other. Like totally equal.

"Now we got a war on our hands, folks, and it's testing us very, very hard. What a test. It's testing us to see if we can come out of this war as winners. And we are winners, folks, make no mistake, no mistake that we are winners. 

"Here we are in Gettysburg and I'm gonna dedicate part of that field where so many great, great Americans were killed so that we could live. It's a great, great thing that we're dedicating a part of this place for them. Great thing. Huge.

"In a way though, we can't just dedicate or consecrate this place. The guys who died here and even those who didn't die and lived have done a better job at consecrating this place than we can ever do.

"The world won't take much notice or remember what I'm telling you, folks, especially China, but the world isn't gonna forget what those brave people did here. So it's for us, the ones who made it, to dedicated here the unfinished job they did and advanced big league. It is on us to dedicate to the great job remaining for us to do--that from these dead folks we take a lot of devotion--that we can say they didn't die in vain, not in vain, and that this nation, under God, and we all love the 'Big Guy,' shall have a new shot at freedom. And that government by the folks, for the folks, isn't gonna die from the planet earth.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."