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Thursday, May 11, 2017

ISIS surrenders Tabqah, a key Syrian city

(Photo: Fox News)
U.S. Central Command said the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), composed of Kurdish and Arab fighters, recaptured the key Syrian city of Tabqah. Along with this, they also captured the Tabqah Dam and an airfield in a push that continues to erode ISIS's control of territory and people.

Tabqah (pronounced "Tabqah") is located about 30 miles west of Raqqa and its caputure denies ISIS from "a key coordination hub" used by the scum slugs since 2013. This was where the terrorist group planned their attacks after they lost other territories in northern Syria.

According to the U.S. Command, 70 ISIS crap weasels surrendered to the U.S.-led coalition Wednesday and left heavy weapons behind.

Col. John Dorrian, a coalition spokesman, said the recapture of Tabqah is "yet another victory" for the Kurds, our most effective partner on the ground fighting ISIS in Syria. "They don't run, they don't hide, they don't leave their stuff behind."

"The SDF's success against ISIS demonstrated the power of working by, with and through local partner forces fighting ISIS, among their own people, in their own territory," Dorrian said in a rugged tone. "The SDF, fighting to liberate their own people and lands, have freed more than 8,000 square kilometers of Syria from ISIS since November." (That's roughly 3088.817 square miles.)

The fight for Tabqah began about 2 months ago when the U.S. sent helicopters with hundreds of Syrian fighters into the city, wished them luck and got the heck out of there. A handful of American special ops forces were also inserted.

The recapture of Tabqah came a day after the Trump administration said it would supply the SDF with heavier weapons ahead of the Raqqa push. Talal Sillo, an SDF honcho, said no weapons had yet arrived, but like Trump's wall that hasn't yet been built, just the threat of sending heavy weapons had legs.

Dorrian says that between 3,000 and 4,000 ISIS scum lizards remain in Raqqa. It's not certain how many residents remain but the goal now is to protect them.

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