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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Manning leaves prison, gets movie and genital deal

Only in America can a guy commit treason at an historic level, demand to have his male genitalia removed and the area shaped like female genitalia, and get his sentence commuted by the president from 35 years down to less than 7 years, all because he wants to be a she and to deny him that delusion would simply be wrong. 

That's not who we are, said former President Obama, who knows better than anyone else who we are.

So Manning, born Bradley, now goes by the name Chelsea, in honor of Chelsea Clinton and her Howdy Doody dandy face. 

And now that he's out of military prison in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, the gender confused Manning is getting a movie deal and possibly a dishonorable discharge at week's end, among the many discharges he expects to get in the future, possibly requiring an ointment.

To help things go smoothly for the traitor, a program named "Hugs for Chelsea" raised over $100,000 USD to help him find housing and private health insurance. 

American-hating artists have contributed to a project named Hugs for Chelsea because they weren't creative enough to come up with another name. They are helping raise funds for the traitor's living expenses as a way of saying: "Honey, we don't care if you compromised the lives of Americans and others in the field; we just care that you hate this country and we pray one day you will marry Michael Moore and carry his baby and name it 'Alinsky.'"

Which goes to show how much liberals know about biology.

On Wednesday, Purse Films (the 'r' is silent) announced at the Cannes Film Festival, that they're starting a documentary following Chelsea as he adapts to the world after almost 7 years in the slammer for crimes the American government claims--and many fellow military and former military concur--put American soldiers in harms way. 

And for crimes he admitted to perpetrating, which leftists see as heroic.

The documentary is called XY Chelsea and was on site at Ft. Leavenworth when the POS was set free. "When I first wrote to Chelsea at the military prison in Kansas, she could not be filmed, nor could I communicate with her in any way other than through letters," the film's director and co-delusion-sharer told Rolling Stone as the cameras rolled.

"Regardless, I believed it was imperative to find a creative way to engage with her life and story. Now, with Chelsea emerging from confinement, the journey of this film has reached its most historic and exciting moments."

They didn't say whether the traitor would receive any money for their documentary.

Manning must face the cost of the complete penis and testicle surgery required to make him feel like a female. The process had begun while he was in prison and I can't wait to learn who he hooks up with in the future. 

Hopefully it will be Michael Moore--they deserve each other.

Surgery does not a gender change make. Chromosomes are the determining factor of our gender and we, as a society, are foolishly going along with the transgender delusion that removing the unwanted genitalia and replacing it with what resembles the other one, changes one's gender.

And they call conservatives 'science deniers.'

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