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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kathy Griffin now is sorry she went all the way

(Photo: Fox News screen grab)
Kathy Griffin was never funny but what was she thinking by holding a bloody beheaded Trump mask? 

Griffin the Cretin posed for a photo shoot with Tyler Shields, a shock photographer with biceps like a toddler, holding the beheaded Trump mask and looking like she just ate a bowl of fetal pig.

The whole thing is infantile and stupid and shows she'd do anything for attention.

TMZ published the gory photo and the public had the misfortune of seeing it. 

The difficulty was trying to choose which was more repulsive: the mask or the Griffin.

TMZ said Griffin joked with Shields on set, saying they would need to Mexico after the photos were released for fear of imprisonment. They obviously never read the Constitution.

Twitter went ballistic as people expressed their disgust and disdain for the photos.

She apologized but had previously said that she stood behind her "art." She didn't stand behind anything and the entire episode clearly shows how she preplanned it as well as the apology.

This story will never make it big on CNN, where she appears for the New Year's Eve Anderson Cooper ball drop.

Some of the tweets (without names) read: "She is one disgusting human being! I hope she is shunned forever. . . ."

"Great non violent message from the peaceful liberals NOT"


"Gone to (sic) far! She needs to know & understand the concept of a joke."

"Not funny at all @kathygriffin This photo show how low you will go to try to stay relevant. This is sick and offensive on so many levels!"

Reps for Griffin and Shields didn't return a request for comment by Fox News.

Shields had tweeted a link to a YouTube video called "Behind the scenes with Kathy Griffin" in which she alludes to the trouble she anticipates, but the video has been removed.

So the whole affair was planned along with the bs apology.

Screw you, Griffin. You don't matter and you'll never be relevant.

But on the positive side, it's nice to see two morons getting together to try being creative with the little talent with which they've been so anemically endowed.