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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ariana Grande cancels her tour following Manchester suicide attack

Does Ariana Grande still stand behind her words: "I hate Americans; I hate America" ? More importantly, does she still lick donuts and put them back on the serving tray? She apologized after getting caught, but did she really mean it?

But seriously, now that she experienced an intimate terrorist event at her concert in Manchester, does she still hate the country where she has become wealthy and famous, or she is still okay with hating us, hating Trump and loving the idea of no borders?

Being an obnoxious leftist, I suspect she hasn't changed her tune. Like Katy Perry, she is insulated from terrorism and illegal alien criminal activity and can comfortably believe in open borders and call conservatives Islamophobic because she's protected from the dregs of reality. 

Take away the bodyguards of our lawmakers, and our Second Amendment would never be stronger.

Grande has now canceled several Dangerous Woman Tour dates since the Manchester bombing, which killed 22 people, one of whom was merely 8-years-old, and injured over 100 people, more than 20 of whom are in critical condition.

"Due to the tragic events in Manchester the Dangerous Woman tour with Ariana Grande has been suspended until we can further assess the situation and pay our proper respects to those lost," the America-hating star's management said in a statement. "The London O2 shows this week have been canceled as well as all shows through June 5 in Switzerland."

Basically all places with porous borders.

The statement continued, "We ask at this time that we all continue to support the city of Manchester and all those families affected by this cowardice and senseless act of violence. Our way of life has once again been threatened but we will overcome this together. Thank you."

So what's the plan to overcome this together

Grande arrived back in Florida Tuesday and was greeted by her current boyfriend, Mac Miller. 

It is unclear if Miller was the boyfriend who accompanied Grande into the donut shop where she said she hated Americans and America, and demonstrated it by licking the displayed donuts on the counter in 2015.