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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rachel Dolezal just won't quit, unfortunately

Like that embarrassing rash that keeps coming back below your waist, that has your doctor scratching his/head, Rachel "Call Me Black" Dolezal just keeps coming back. 

Now the white/black woman (I believe she still "identifies" as being a woman) whose knowledge of race is as anemic as Al Gore's knowledge of global warming, is on her (?) way to South Africa.

The mentally ill former NAACP white/black leader had been telling people she is black but in 2015 she was outed as white. Her excuse is that she "identifies" as black, and there is no such thing as race--so by her logic, there is no such thing as black.

Now Dolezal is headed to Africa to throw the bull in favor of a non-racial society.

"Race is a lie," the idiot told BBC. "How can I be accused of lying about a lie?" she asked, as she lied about a truth being a lie.

Dolezal; recently changed her caucasian name to Nkechi Amare Diallo (without the clicking of the tongue). On April 19th, she will speak at the first inaugural meeting of the group known as the Quest for Non Racial South Africa Society Dialogue

Many on social media and the South African press were not impressed.

"We don't need to be trolled like this," wrote Shandukani Mulaudzi, the engagement editor of HuffPost South Africa. She went on to say that Dolezal not only "bring[s] forth dangerous concepts on race, [but] she also propagates the denial of transgender identities and experiences."

One person tweeted: "When you think things can't possibly get any worse in South Africa, Rachel Dolezal happens."

Elle South Africa said that in general, "South African twitter is so not okay with it."

But the event's organizers told the BBC that Dolezal was "evidence of the myth of race." Which, of course, is pure bull manure and akin to saying that one determines what one's gender is by "identifying" as that gender; biology be damned.

Dolezal is a mentally ill person or a liar, and too stupid to know when she's gone too far.

Perhaps the DSM-V needs a new category called "Race Identity Disorder."