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Saturday, April 15, 2017

CBS's Pelley dumps on Trump may get bumped

CBS glamour guy Scott Pelley is losing viewers like Blockbuster Video lost customers after Netflix was launched. While the CBS Evening News was always leading from behind of its competitors, it has gotten a lot worse since President Trump took office.

Anchor Pelley has become even more enthusiastic about pulling the chain and flush, as his job begins to circle the bowl. 

Since the November election, the Evening News managing editor and chief 60 Minutes correspondent (if you can call his leftist views 'journalism' rather than opinion) has thrown away all pretenses of being objective as he takes cheap shots at President Trump and tells the American public how to think.

Yet in spite of the incredible wisdom Pelley pontificates to the public, Evening News has taken a massive dip in viewership going from worst among the big three evening news programs to worstest, a word that was invented just for CBS's Evening News

At last count they had 7,621,000 viewers with only 1,702,000 in the key demographic compared to NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt's 9,182,000 viewers.

This month there has been a serious decline among the left-leaning networks with Pelley's freak show getting the hardest hit. On April 3rd, he raked in a tiny viewership of 6,249,000 viewers--that's about as many people who typically ride on the roof of a New Delhi train to Chennai. The key demo is a pathetic 1,366,000 liberals, about 1.7 million fewer than ABC's World News Tonight.

Pelley's problem is his obvious disdain for the values and voters of heartland viewers, a demographic CBS relies on more than the other networks. A.J. Katz of Ad Week, said in March how the leftist Pelley "has become a critical evaluator of Pres. Donald Trump during his newscast, a tactic not necessarily used by his fellow evening newsmen."

Some say Pelley has one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel. Pelley denies that as vociferously as Hillary Clinton on Benghazi.

What used to be journalism on the three networks has become op-ed, and in Pelley's case, an attack on the viewers who were wise enough to go elsewhere. 

Just another case of the dog biting the hand that feeds it.