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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Philippine Duterte defends adultery, gets criticized

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was criticized on Wednesday for defending adultery committed by a political ally. So for Duterte, killing drug users and pushers is good and so too are extramarital sexual relationships. The guy sounds like he's president of ISIS.

The sadistic leader said that, like himself, House of Representatives Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez--who made it public he had extramarital affairs--had "many wives." 

He did not explain the main reason why he had "many wives" is because they thought he was pond scum for cheating on them, but that's to be expected.

"This is a world of hypocrisy," the iron-fisted leader said. "Who among you here does not have a mistress?" he said in a speech aired on live TV--apart from the Vatican itself.

"All of it is sexist and misogynistic to explain improper behavior simply by virtue of being male," Senator Risa Hontiveros told AFP. "It sends a message that undermines the many struggles and gains so far for women's rights and gender equality."

Alvarez is the country's fourth-highest official and is buddies with Duterte. He made headline last week when he publicly admitted have sired eight kids, six from two women other than his lovely wife, Stupidalita. 

Duterte admitted on a televised speech to government employees in Manila that his comments defending Alvarez's behavior were "a chauvinist statement." Then the idiot added, "But really, there are so many women and you (have) so short a time in this world. My God!"

The chauvinist crowd laughed along with him.

Duterte thought he'd save himself by adding, "The thing there, is that you're able to support the children. That's it."

Duterte argued that while Christian Filipinos are allowed one wife, Alvarez "never converted to Christianity. So he is not bound by the rules of the number of women that you can have." [See, I told you Duterte sounds more like the president of ISIS.]

His critics dispute his statements, saying that Muslim men are permitted to marry more than once, and even beat their wives, but adultery is a criminal offense. 

Of course, Muslim women cannot have more than one husband, and when the husband dies before her, she gets half of what her sons get in the estate. 

Duterte, whose IQ is coincidentally the same as his age, 72, and whose first marriage was annulled, is in a long-term relationship with a woman, and has openly bragged about having mistresses and using Viagra to get it going.

"Who isn't entitled to happiness?" the sexist pig asked. "Ask these lawmakers, how many of them have two, three or four mistresses? Ask them," he said.

And while you're at it, as Duterte how he feels about the women having two, three or four men who don't require Viagra.

There is nothing wrong and everything right about fidelity and having one wife.