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Monday, April 17, 2017

College plans to go co-ed with tampons in school bathrooms

The University of Rochester launched a PC pilot program on campus that provides free tampons and pads for both men and women in their respective bathrooms, implying that the men at the U of R experience monthly menses. 
Can you guess which way the wind
is blowing?

On the other hand (if hand is the correct term) a male chiropractor in Kansas invented a 'labia lipstick' that seals the labia shut when women have their periods. 

Since the U of R is known for their technological innovations it's possible they are placing the tampons in the men's rooms in his honor.

Just kidding.

The truth is, however, the program isn't going exactly how the Student Government expected.

With more than 11,000 students in attendance in just the first two weeks of its Pads and Tampons Initiative, almost 16,000 of these items have been taken. 

Part of the problem is that students take them in bulk, like when your tissues don't pop up and you just yank on the box and grab a handful. In the tampons/pads case, the students are even grabbing the baskets in which they're stored, according to the school newspaper.

Student leaders initially said that the tampons and pads were flying off the shelves because "people need them." Especially the men who identify as women. But they soon admitted that pranksters and thieves were making off with as many as they could grab and hide in dark places.

In some cases, the baskets that held the feminine hygiene paraphernalia were gone almost as fast as they were installed and before they could even be stocked. In one men's bathroom, the baskets have gone missing three times since April 3rd. 

I can't imagine where a biological man would stick a tampon.