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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Calexit is history after organizer is tied to Russia

(Photo: Fox News)
The so-called 'brain trust' of the Calexit movement announced Monday they were abandoning efforts to drag California out of the union. It came after months of negative publicity about one of the campaign's communist-loving organizers, Louis J. Marinelli, 30, and his ties to Russia.

Marinelli is president of the Yes California (aka Dah! Californiasky) movement and has long been a proponent of the state's independence. He and his lovely comrade wife have been living in Russia and had been coordinating the campaign from there since September.

In December, comrade Marinelli inaugurated the fictional embassy of the Independent Republic of California in Moscow--seriously. The purpose was to boost tourism and foster cultural, economic and ideological [aka communist] exchanges between California and Russia.

Sadly, it looks like the Golden State is staying with the union.

According to vice president Marcus Ruiz Evans, who stepped down from his august post this week, comrade Marinelli's private commiephilia private life has become the subject to speculations about his links to Vladimir Putin. For some strange reason, this has hindered the movement's fundraising efforts.

Some donors stopped their support in the midst of the Trump-Moscow scandal because they were afraid of being connected to the Kremlin according to Ruiz Evans.

"People got scared," he said. "They got spooked by what they saw on the news and pulled out."

In an email to his leftist supporters, Marinelli claimed to be flattered by public support for the campaign, which patriotic Americans were hoping would come to fruition and allow Hollywood and their ilk to become the country they want to be--a leftist failed state with incompetents like Jerry Brown leading the way down the gangplank.  But Marinelli believes that it's too soon for such a move to come about.

"For me, today, my ballot initiative petition drive came to an end," he wrote and then stole a quote from the late Senator and woman-killer Ted Kennedy. "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and our dreams shall never die," he said, pretending to be an original thinker.

If California did a full #Calexit, the remaining Democrats would likely not win another election either by electoral vote or popular vote.

To steal another line: wouldn't it be lovely?

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