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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

WikiLeaks dumps trove of CIA hacking tools

WikiLeaks is at it again. In what they're calling the "largest ever publication of confidential documents" from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, they claim to have released thousands of files from a "high-security network" inside the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, VA.

This is the first in a series called "Year Zero." It will detail CIA cyber weaponry, according to their press release, and the source of the files is allegedly a former government hacker or contractor. WikiLeaks claims the source wants to create a public debate "about the security, creation, use, proliferation and democratic control of cyber weapons."

The enormous file released apparently contains millions of lines of code, referencing programs with ambiguous names such as "Medusa" and "HIVE."

According to WikiLeaks' analysis of the documents, the CIA has been targeting iPhones, smart TVs, and Androids. One program of the CIA can turn on smart TVs into "covert microphones" for spying, WikiLeaks said, and also alleged the agency is able to collect data from machines running Apple's iOS.

Another shocker is the assertion the U.S. consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, operates as a "covert CIA hacker base." The website alleges that agents get into Germany under the guise of technical consultants for the American consulate, but then are given "black" passports that allow them access to travel freely through the Shengen open border area.

Whoever the WikiLeaks source is, that person needs to be found and brought to justice. Our national security is compromised when our intelligence goes public.

Hopefully, President Trump will see this as a priority.