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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Dutch election results defined

Netherlands -- The Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders was in the lead a week ago in the polls but disappointed as voting ended Wednesday evening. His party gained 5 seats but still finished second to Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Wilders is the anti-Islam, "ban the Koran" candidate. His short film, Fitna, shows how the Koran motivates followers to hate all those who violate Islamic teaching. He has received death threats for making the film, which proves the film's premise.

Rutte will now have the chance to form a coalition and govern for a third term. He hailed the election as "an evening in which the Netherlands after Brexit, after the American elections said 'Stop' to the wrong kind of populism."

Let's see in the next several years if indeed, Trump's populism is 'the wrong kind'--I suspect the Netherlands, like France and Germany, is going to find itself having an increase in Islamization and concomitant problems as a result.

The election results gave 33 seats to the (Rutte, center-right) VVD; 20 seats to the (Wilders, right) PVV; 19 seats each to the CDA and D66.

These results indicate that, although there was support from a sizable minority, Wilders was unable to grab a larger base of support for his platform which included banning the Koran and shutting down all mosques and madrassas (Islamic schools) as well as ending all immigration from Muslim countries. 

Many see Wilders' proposal as an attack against all Muslims rather than an attack on the ideology of Islam and protectionist actions against a religion that calls for jihad against non-believers.

Also, there are those who believe that the problem with Islamic extremism cannot be remedied without either destroying Islam completely or at the very least, banishing it from Western society.