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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hillary did some post-election "soul-searching" & comes up empty

Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state, former senator of New York, professional politician and wife of former President William Jefferson Clinton, said that she has done her share of "soul-searching" since losing the presidential election to a TV personality and real estate investor, Donald Trump.

She has searched and searched, high and low for her soul, but cannot find it. Why? Because she doesn't have one.

The champion of identity politics said "Let us hope there is a wave of young women running for office in America." She made this statement at an event hosted by Girls, Inc., where she was receiving yet another undeserved award, the Champion for Girls Award.

I believe the term 'girls' is politically incorrect. For Clinton's people, it should be called the Champion for the Gender You Want to See Yourself As Award.

If Clinton would only get her head out of her nether regions she might discover that there is a wave of women, young and old, running for office in America, and yes, even holding office. Many of them, in fact, are in the Republican party.

Clinton, who was so arrogant in the presidential election that she didn't bother to campaign in several blue states, has since maintained a low profile and large silhouette since her miserable loss. Her comment about that loss was "life hands all of us setbacks."

For Hillary, the setback came in the form of dried up donations to her "Foundation" that helped line her pantsuit pockets. 

Once foreign countries and American interest groups realized she would not have the ability to further their needs, they dropped her faster than Bill's first move on an aide.

Clinton babbled on about future women leaders: "They are the history makers, the glass ceiling breakers of tomorrow. They are among the reasons I am so optimistic about our future."

But she wouldn't stop: "Now, I've had my ups and downs [like Bill, but not in the same way]. In the last month, I've done my share of sleeping, a little soul-searching and reflecting; long walks in the woods, and those moments. I am thankful for my own village. My community of family and friends who have supported and encouraged me," she said, alluding to her book, It Takes a Village.